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Aptco Invest is a privately owned company. We believe in long term success and sustainable growth. Our primary objectives are (1) being a reliable and successful distributor our suppliers, (2) generate high added value to our customers and (3) offer our partners & employees a place where they can use and developed their skills and talents.


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- Aptco Invest bvba (www.aptco-invest.com)
- Benelux Scientific bv (www.benelux-scientific.nl)
- Benelux Scientific bvba (www.benelux-scientific.be)
- Calibration Lab bvba (www.calibration-lab.be)
- France Scientifique sarl (www.france-scientifique.fr)
- Porometer nv (www.porometer.com)
- Porometer Ltd (www.porometer.com)
- Sopachem bv (www.sopachem.nl)
- Sopachem nv (www.sopachem.be)