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BS-missionMany established technology providers learned the hard way that having a worldwide direct sales force, is often not the best solution. Now that the focus might have shifted to other continents, the cost of local affiliates weigh heavily on their organizations. For new and upcoming players, the investments are too high and the local barriers too complex. For innovative suppliers in general, the typical resellers and large catalog companies will lack the scientific knowhow and focus in order to be successful.

A local partner willing to go the extra mile, can offer the best of both worlds. We envisioned that by delivering more than what is expected of a distributor, it is possible to become a true local sales and marketing partner for our suppliers. With sales and service engineers trained to the same level of a direct sales force, both the customers and suppliers win. For our instrumentation suppliers, a strong service team is an essential driver for success. For reagents and consumables, we can ensure next-day deliveries to our endusers thanks to our our centralized operations with local stock.

Serving laboratories in several parts of Europe, the companies of Aptco Invest Holding thrive to be such kind of distributor. Each with their own focus, each serving their specific markets, each with a strong local presence and character. For our suppliers, our mission is to be the best sales and marketing partner available in our region, bringing the word distributor to another level. For our customers, it is our mission to serve them with highest standards of product knowhow, understanding their needs and applications. Be it by offering the best service or by introducing innovative technologies that will in the end help them advance their scientific work.